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Art of possible.

Break Through Impossible Conflicts with BB3

Are you stuck on a challenging conflict? Join us to learn and apply the Art of Possible. We have seen that a possibilist mindset and the powerful BB3 method can transform conflicts and unlock progress.

All of our offerings are highly participatory and build on each other to dive deeper into solving real-world conflicts. You’ll gain new ideas and strategies, practical tools to take into your daily work and the support and inspiration of a stronger team and collaborative network. 



Learn the underlying principles of BB3 and put them into action. Bring at least one teammate along with an impossible conflict of your own and discover how the basics of BB3 can provide you with fresh ideas to apply to your challenge

BB3 systematically addresses the obstacles faced in impossible conflicts.

You’ll learn how to go to the BALCONY to pause, step back, and find a fresh perspective.

You’ll practice building a golden BRIDGE and design creative options for mutual gain.

And you’ll discover the power of activating the community that surrounds and contains the conflict, the THIRD SIDE.

The BB3 Intro Workshop is highly interactive. You’ll work with other teams who are also focused on unique conflicts and interact through breakouts with your team, group exercises, and other hands-on experiences.

You’ll find a way of approaching conflict using BB3 that will help you better recognize, focus on, and influence pivotal decisions. You and your team members will gain a deeper capacity to work with your peers/colleagues to accomplish more together.

Who can do what tomorrow? In other words, which leader can make what decision to avert war and move toward peace? How can we make it easier for that leader to make that decision?

William Uri,
Peace negotiator and co-author of Getting to Yes


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Workshops occur over two days, 3 hours each day.


You transformed the way we work. You gave us a methodological framework and vocabulary to do things we weren’t doing before. You gave us an incredible gift.


The Art of Possibilism is an ongoing practice.

Even after progress, we often encounter stuck situations where we need outside support to help us find new possibilities. BB3 Coaching strengthens your team’s ability to overcome obstacles by engaging in a long-term learning process custom-tailored to your goals.

In BB3 Coaching sessions, teams will:

  • Develop the core mindsets and skillsets of a possibilist

  • Find a fresh perspective when you feel stuck

  • Collaborate as a team to accelerate your impact

  • Reflect on progress and challenges to discover blind spots and opportunities

  • Strengthen the ability to apply the 9 practices of the BB3 method

BB3 Coaching will benefit those who seek to influence pivotal decisions and have a strong desire to learn and grow.

BB3 Coaching consists of:

  • One initial discovery session to define goals and ways of working together

  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions over four months, with prompts in between

  • One completion session to reflect on learnings and plan forward

BB3 Design Sprint is an opportunity to dive even deeper and rigorously focus on a challenge tailored to your team’s needs. You will address your conflict by rapidly prototyping possible solutions. You’ll devise ways to swarm the problem and move forward with new tools and strategies that you can integrate into your team’s daily practices. 

In a BB3 Design Sprint, teams will:

  • Tackle an urgent, challenging conflict through a more intensive program

  • Develop a strategy to swarm your conflict that your team can implement now

  • Apply the 9 practices of the BB3 approach within real-world constraints

  • Generate creative, yet grounded, ideas that lead to practical progress

  • Strengthen the core mindsets and skillsets of possibilists

  • Enhance collaboration to optimize teamwork

  • Expand your network to accelerate your impact

BB3 Design Sprints are highly participatory and last 5 days, with three-hour sessions each day. Working intensively with a few nights to “sleep on it” helps crystallize ideas and produce “ahas”.

The two sprints we did were amazingly inspiring. We carry that way of thinking and approach with us in everything that we do. .... It’s a liberating way for people who are stuck to agree to try new ideas. Sketch them and imagine them. A powerful tool.