What is BB3

BB3 and the art of possililism

Negotiation can be
the hardest thing we
humans can do.

Often our conflicts feel like a mountain that is impossible to climb. So how do we find possibilities when there seems to be no way forward? BB3 is the art of Possibilism.

I believe it is possible to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs because I have seen it work with my own eyes.


Transform Breakdowns into Breakthroughs


Everywhere we look there are intractable conflicts that seem impossible to solve—with untold human costs. The good news is that we have an ancient human capacity to transform these conflicts. BB3 taps into that innate capacity and awakens our ability to break through. By going to the Balcony, we gain perspective that helps us build a golden Bridge across the chasm of conflict using the power of the Third Side to help all parties reach that impossible YES.




We need to be as humble as we are audacious.

Unlock Your Potential with a Possibilist Mindset

Today we are using only a small fraction of our human capacity to address difficult conflict. To reach our true potential we need to be more AUDACIOUS. Paradoxically, it also takes HUMILITY to listen deeply to others and come with a beginner’s mind.

We open our IMAGINATION to new possibilities while GROUNDING deeply in local realities. 

With STRATEGIC EMPATHY, we seek to influence decision makers by putting ourselves in their shoes. 

RADICAL COLLABORATION allows us to work seamlessly with all parties, across organizations and national boundaries in order to get to YES.

You can make progress on these problems step by step, feeling your way across the river stone by stone.

Deploy the Superpowers of Presence, Purpose & Play

BB3 becomes doable because we can tap into three innate human superpowers: presence, purpose, and play. Together these 3 P’s help us sense what’s needed to address a conflict situation, understand inner motivations and unleash creativity to generate new ideas. Surprisingly, the spirit of play brings out our full potential even in deadly serious situations.