Robert Sokol

Managing Director, xNI

Rob Sokol joined OEF as the Managing Director of the eXperimental Negotiation Initiative (xNI) in early 2022. His role is to build and scale xNI’s international conflict negotiation and training practices with the goal of awakening human capacity to transform the most difficult conflicts into creative negotiations. He comes to OEF from Trinity Wall Street, where he served as the Chief Administration Officer. Before that, Mr. Sokol served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Washington National Cathedral. And before that, he served in the Office of the Librarian at the Library of Congress as the Creative Director, among other roles. Mr. Sokol received his Humanities and International Relations degrees from Seattle University and Nanjing University (China), with foci on economics and Chinese history. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and two boys, both in grade school. Other than spending time with his family, his favorite pastimes are swimming and photography.

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