Gia Medeiros

Deputy Director

Gia is deputy director of xNI, an OEF program founded by international negotiator William Ury. A storyteller and entrepreneur, Gia has spent the past 20+ years providing strategy, innovation and organizational development consulting to purpose-driven organizations large and small. She is now working with OEF to grow xNI, bringing innovation to negotiation by disseminating breakthrough methods to the peacemaking field.

Before joining OEF, Gia founded 520 Collective, a brand strategy and innovation consultancy working with a wide-range of purpose-driven clients. Time and again, she has found herself at the step change of industries. From developing Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Campaign, which ignited their “total health” strategy, to creating the 2020 vision for the Network for Executive Women in their advocacy for women leaders, Gia has pioneered with organizations at the leading edge of their field. Her best work has always lived at the intersection of culture, community and business for good. Gia graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan with a BA in English, Psychology and Creative Writing. She lives in Boulder with her husband and two children and enjoys bringing her skills from the business world to OEF, helping make peace possible in the world’s most intractable conflicts.

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