Meet our partners


xNI logoxNI (the eXperimental Negotiation Initiative) is a partnership between William Ury, Marcel Arsenault, One Earth Future FoundationMediator Foundation’s 3S Project and the Harvard Negotiation Project. For the past 5 years, xNI has worked with William Ury to develop and test the BB3 method in intractable conflicts from North Korea and Venezuela to Afghanistan, the Middle East and the US.


Marcel Arsenault

OEF Chair and Board Member

Marcel Arsenault, with his wife Cynda Collins Arsenault, is co-founder of One Earth Future, as well as his foundation, PAX Sapiens and the Secure World Foundation. Through these foundations, Marcel pursues his passion of promoting systems of governance which prevent war.

As founder of Real Capital Solutions, Marcel oversees a portfolio exceeding $1.5 billion in real estate assets.  He has delivered numerous presentations to various universities and real estate organizations.  He has authored several articles on real estate, including one academic publication, and is a contributing author of How to Build a Real Estate Empire.

He earned a B.S. degree from McGill University and was working toward a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Colorado when he started his career as an entrepreneur.

One Earth Future

Jon Bellish

OEF Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer​

Jon Bellish is passionate about social innovation and collaborative solutions to complex problems. As Executive Director and COO at One Earth Future, Jon oversees program design, strategy, research, and strategic communication for the foundation. Before joining OEF, Jon worked in advertising and public relations in Jackson, Mississippi. He has a J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and an M.B.A. from Millsaps College. He is an alumnus of The Hague Academy of International Law, a Fellow at the Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law, and was the first ever Phi Beta Kappa inductee from the state of Mississippi. Jon has published widely on the international law of maritime pirac

Carolyn Buck Luce 

3S Board Chair

Carolyn is a gifted strategist, leader and executive coach who has spent her career building highly effective cultures, businesses, teams and leaders. She has been a leader concurrently in both the private and public/non-profit sectors for the last four decades. Diplomat, Wall Street Banker, Management Consultant, Healthcare Futurist, Talent Innovator, Professor, Author, Philanthropist, Executive Coach and inventor of The Decade Game® Carolyn’s career and life journey has provided her with a unique perspective on building the “heart-ware” operating system of organizations and teams.

Rob Evans

3S Board Member

Rob Evans is the co-founder of Imaginal Labs LLC. Rob is a master at working with courageous leaders to help them align and mobilize their teams to accomplish the things of which they dream. Rob is one of the world’s leading experts at designing and delivering the innovative DesignShop® Process and other collaborative workshops. He has facilitated hundreds of highly successful sessions with many of the world’s leading organizations, including 38 of the 2016 Fortune 100 companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations such as the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Auburn Seminary, the Centers for Disease Control. Rob was a facilitator for the first SWAT Team for Peace Design Sprint in October 2017.

David Friedman

3S Board Member

David Friedman has been a creator and founder of many successful enterprises, all within the arenas of real estate and long-term health care. These organizations have ranged from Sandy River Health System, with $60 million in annual revenue; to start-ups with half a dozen initial employees and seed capital. In addition, he has served as Chair or Co-Chair of a number of major national and international non-profit organizations. He is a natural team builder and facilitator and thrives on choosing and then empowering his teams to grow.​

William Ury


William Ury is an international peace negotiator and has spent the past 45 years helping individuals, organizations and nations at war get to YES. It was his dream to have small groups of people working together everyday to transform the world’s most intractable conflicts. William brings his broad experience as a negotiation advisor and mediator to his work leading and advising the xNI team.